Smart, Simple Safety for Shared Surfaces

Smart, Simple Safety for Shared Surfaces

NONTACT delivers both safety and peace of mind to responsible organizations through its practical, user-friendly, and cost-effective design.

An unparalleled tool to reduce the risk and cost of reopening shared spaces.

As with conventional PPE, NONTACT qualifies for federal subsidies (e.g., 2020 CARES Act).


Recent study revealing that COVID-19 can survive up to 28 days on
the most common materials of everyday life.

Note that viral loads are much smaller after such long time frames; and while surface transmission risk is believed to be relatively low (CDC), consider that even microscopic aerosols can contain an “infectious dose” of COVID-19 (WHO)…and the Delta variant has super-charged transmission risk by a factor of 1000 (Nature).

NONTACT helps you adapt your shared spaces to address COVID-19 more comprehensively
(and efficiently).

Ensuring the safety and engagement of your colleagues is risky business.

  • COVID-19 has forced a reassessment of shared spaces like corporate offices, schools and other institutions
  • Broadly accepted prevention guidance emphasizes the risk of “fomites” (e.g., contamination on public surfaces)

NONTACT mitigates these risks
by closing the PPE gap efficiently.

  • While CDC prioritizes clean hands, there is a “gap” in hand PPE options
  • NONTACT closes this gap, offsetting the risks of current safety tactics (e.g., handwashing compliance, glove cross-contamination & waste)
  • Scaling back costly surface sanitizing & disinfection, and instead equipping individuals with NONTACT boosts safety much more efficiently
Surface spread implications from CDC guidance

When miscalculated planning is NOT an option, reach for NONTACT.



Compact silicone finger gloves, designed to insulate hands from direct contact with potentially contaminated surfaces like door handles, safety rails, restroom stalls, number pads, etc.


Slip onto either hand immediately before grasping a shared/unknown surface
Design makes it easy to slip off right after using (prevents desensitization)


Seal shut to engage the magnetic locking mechanism, which “quarantines” the grasping side

Contaminants remain locked away between uses

Between uses

Cleanly & confidently store in your bag or pocketuntil next use, with negligible contaminants transferring onto personal areas

OR use the built-in keychain tab to connect it to your keys, carabiner, retractable lanyard, etc.

Protecting hands this way can also help to manage the stress & anxiety of returning to workplaces, schools, airports, etc. with an unrelenting cycle of shared surfaces.

Despite the PPE gap, there is still a handful of options that warrant comparison:
NONTACT vs. gloves etc.

Early Adopter Feedback

“I think this product is so important right now as offices try to reopen, even just for the peace of mind…I use mine everyday!

Raymond L, Medical Devices Executive

“The coronavirus has really affected my patients. Fear of germs is no joke – an accessory like this would help them to leave their homes despite their anxiety.”

Dr Joseph B, Clinical Psychologist

“This is exactly what I need outside the hospital – my hands have gotten SO damaged from sanitizing after touching basically anything.”

Dr Tasia G, Cardiothoracic Anesthesiologist.

“We have developed a comprehensive safety strategy for our employees, and this will be a great addition…that we will likely distribute to our policy holders as well!”

TBA, Global Insurance Provider

End-user approval: Successful Pre-launch Campaign on Kickstarter


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Preview: Less than (a fraction of) a box of gloves…replaces (a crate of) boxes

       Simple, Sustainable Safety. For Life.

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