Collaboration with Unibui to provide PPE support to forward-thinking colleges

Smart, Sustainable PPE for College Campuses​

NONTACT® has engineered a PPE breakthrough for hands: A compact, reusable, silicone “grasping” mitt that seals itself shut to minimize cross-contamination between uses.
NONTACT is a smart, simple accessory for avoiding hazardous germs and anxiety from shared surfaces, especially when constant washing/sanitizing is not feasible.
Reduce costs and waste, while providing the supplemental safety and confidence to facilitate the reopening of public spaces.

Low-cost Impact on Physical, Mental and Planetary Health

  • Reduce your exposure to viruses like COVID-19, bacteria, and other infectious microbes on ALL common high-touch surfaces (a.k.a. “fomites“)

  • Touch/Hold/Push/Pull without then anxiously seeking a sink or sanitizer (not a replacement for handwashing)

  • Cancel cross-contamination: Grasping side of the mitt is “self-quarantined” to seal off germs/dirt between uses

  • One size fits all: Slip on, use, and slip off with ease

  • Hypoallergenic, reusable, and eco-friendly

  • Makes a unique & meaningful gift, with usefulness long after the pandemic

Surface spread implications from CDC guidance
Starting at $8.50 per unit (wholesale), with generous volume discounts offered.
Custom Colors and Logos available!

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